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This newly renovated air b&B is currently where we are residing. It was given to us for the entire month, first ones to live in it! The town we are in is the town we lived in when we were first married, in a duplex two blocks straight up the road....

But lets go back to the beginning of our trek....

After 10 hours of flying and spent a few days with my in-laws. You're probably wondering how the flying with 3 littles ages 4 and under went? Pretty good, considering we took a red-eye and the older two decided not to sleep a wink both flights. By the time we had gotten settled in, they had been awake for over 30 hours straight. How you ask? we literally have no idea. Summit was just 2 weeks old when we left for the mainland, and it was AMAZING! He slept almost the whole time, and when he wasn't sleeping he was nursing.

As for scotty and I, we were definitely in the worst shape, running on no sleep, it doesn't make for the most patient parents. Lets just say we wont be doing that again. Daytime flight all the way.

Then when we were ready we made the 3 hour drive to Charlotte to see all of my family to make the rounds. I'm one of six kids, so as it takes a while. Our littles are just 3 of 15 grandchildren just on my side, so there is no shortage of cousins to play with. The in-between times we were staying with Granna & Pop pop, my husbands parents. The kids have their own room there with absolutely no shortage of toys or activities, it's pretty much a children's play place.

Then we spent the last 4 weeks of our time in North Carolina in the air B&B. The older made themselves right at home, as they usually do. As for Summit, well he is slowly learning the adventure he's been born into.

We truly had no idea what we would be stepping into. We knew it was being renovated, but we didn't even know if it was furnished. We were prepared and totally fine with throwing air mattresses on the floor and enjoying the space for our family. We were blown away when we walked in.

This. house. has. everything. and I mean everything. Brand new sheets, towels, furniture, toilet paper, soap, tags on all the appliances, everything you need to cook with, you name it , this house has it. I mean, take a look at those vacuum lines in that brand new carpet. I love to spend a good chunk of my time in the kitchen cooking and gathering people around a table. So as you can imagine, when I walked into this kitchen my eyes may have welled with tears.

Jesus is always so kind to us. I believe that when we are truly content with our circumstances, thats when he wants to lavish us. He's such a good father that he does it all the time even when we don't deserve it, because we never do.

That's all for now...

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