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Adventuring with my Best Friend (Waimea addition)

Today Scotty and I were so blessed by an amazing friend who willing gave of her vehicle and time so we could go explore while she stayed back with our littles. It was such a refreshing, life-giving time for us to spend time together as nothing more than best friends. To actually finish a sentence without being interrupted and eat a meal together without fulfilling a million requests in the midst of it. (I know you mamas can relate)

So off we went. We spent the day in Waimea, Hawaii, which is about an hour outside Kona (where we are currently living). We hadn't gotten a chance to explore Waimea yet, and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint! Totally different landscape, climate, and feel.

*Disclaimer: The first half of our trip has about zero photos because we put our phones away to just be together. win.

The temperature alone was ten degrees less than we are used to in Kona. It was the BEST to actually be chilly and not sweating buckets all day. The landscape is beautiful with pastures and farmland all around, and you're at such a high altitude that at some points you are actually in the clouds.

The town was the cutest! We started the day at a local coffee shop called Waimea Coffee Company. Its important to us to support local business so we're always on the lookout.

In Scotty like fashion he got a plain drip coffee and a chocolate chip cookie (his favorite) and I got a delicious flourless tart. It was so rich, there was no way I could finish it all. If you're looking for a treat to share, this is definitely the one!

Then we walked around the town and explored a little. We checked out the local farmers market, which had everything from gluten-free baked goods to Alaskan caught fish. We walked by the coolest "old-school" looking elementary school, and had to check out an amazing playground that we will definitely be bringing the littles back to (always thinking about them:)

Next on the to-do was "Mud Lane" It's notorious around here as a place for people to take pictures (if for nothing more than a great profile picture) "Around here" meaning here in Kona. Students from campus are sure to get there one way or another. Of course I couldn't pass up this opportunity. It really is beautiful.

In the midst of it, we found the most beautiful farmland and just soaked in God's creation. A little taste of the South did our souls good and brought us so much life and vision.

Once we proudly checked off Mud Lane, we came across a plaza of local vendors, shops, and food. We ended up eating at Village Burger, a delicious, organic, grass-fed burger joint who receives their meat from local farmers.

I ate a burger on a bed of greens. To be honest I was thinking it was coming wrapped in lettuce (which is how I like to eat my burgers) To my surprise it came on a bed of baby greens, but non-the less it was still yummy. Next time I would opt to try the gluten-free bun :)

Scotty got their traditional burger with all the normal toppings and then we shared a fry, which was more than enough. Would we eat here again? for sure!

I had to share this sign with you, there were multiple of these. Island life is a real thing. "Whoa" replaces a stop sign and everyone abides by it!

Then we decided it was time to head back to Kona. BUT, not without pulling over one last time to stick our feet in the grass, soak up the cool air, and feel the wind as we looked at an incredible backdrop.

We came back to littles that were more than taken care of. They had had the best day full of adventures with a campus full of aunties and uncles to play with. We are so blessed.

Never have I been more aware of the importance of getting away together to recharge, even if only for a couple hours. Especially when you are in transition season. Regaining vision as a couple and spending a few hours not as just Mama and Dada, but as best friends is essential.

I encourage you to make it a priority, and yes, sometimes you have to ask! But more times than not, people are willing :)

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