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I've Learned a Few Things... (simple living)

Boy, I have so much to share with you, this post is overwhelming. I'll narrow it down for you and then we will dive in deeper in upcoming posts!

Our family has been living out of suitcases for the past almost 10 months, (with the exception of unpacking a little here and there) so, you could say I feel like I have learned a few things:

- Less is more (for real)

- One suitcase for two children is more than enough

- Sharing a suitcase keeps you accountable

- Everyone is happier when there are less toys to clean up (EVERYONE!)

Let me dive into these a little more...If you're new to this blog, you might need a little more background to get you to the adventure that has caused our suitcases to be our dressers. To catch up, you can you read our story HERE!

LESS IS MORE: After selling our home and almost all our belonging, including most of our children's toys- which was definitely the hardest part. It would be genuinely hard for me to go back to living in a home full of stuff. If you had told me I would be on this adventure a year ago, I would have been terrified. But honestly, its been one of the best things that has happened to our family and has been so freeing. Why? because its JUST stuff.

ONE SUITCASE: For the past almost year now, both our littles have lived out of the same suitcase, and it has been wonderful! No, its not a huge suitcase, I actually intentionally chose a smaller one- I have grown to love living simply. After having Harvest (our 3 year old) she had a huge closet full of clothes that she never wore. Only to eventually put them in totes and store them in the attic "in case we have another girl" Well, our second was a boy, so those clothes just sat there (I had accumulated 4 totes to be exact, and she was only 2 years old, ugh) My whole new mindset?... another little girl could really be blessed by those clothes that are just sitting there. Don't get me wrong, I saved a handful of my favorite outfits from both our littles in case we have have another BUT, those outfits along with any other baby stuff/maternity wear I chose to keep, all fit in one small tote.

I digress, having both kids clothes in one suitcase has helped regulate their clothing as well as allows me to really know everything they have without having a lot of extra, and eliminate unnecessary buying of those amazing target deals...I'm sure you understand the struggle;) In reality, they end up just wearing the same handful of outfits because they are my favorite to dress them in OR you have a picky little who has a strong opinion about their clothing

ACCOUNTABLE: My husband and I have also shared a suitcase for all our clothes, and we have loved it. Why accountable? well, sharing one didn't allow us to accumulate clothes. We each had a side and it didn't overflow into each others. If we bought something new, we got rid of something else. So why not own one or two jeans that you love instead of stacks of jeans? Sidetone: there was also something so sweet about it, another level of closeness, but that might just be us:) I find myself less attached to clothes and it being easier to get rid of something and replace it with another piece of clothing that I really enjoy. The when its time to get a new shirt I don't feel bad because I don't have a slew of unworn shirts. AND if I do, I am quick to get rid of things that haven't been worn in a month, I have grown to love weeding out, and I do it often. So how has this translated now that we are living in a home? Well we still share a closet its quite small, AND, the same principles still apply You'll get a look into our home in the upcoming tour!

TOYS: this is what I'm talking about when I say EVERYONE. Everyone is happier when there is less to clean up... less times I have to ask for things to be picked up, more imagination to be had, and more adventures outside. While traveling Norway, my 3 year old traveled with just a backpack of toys, and was more content while playing than we had ever seen. Now that we are in Hawaii, between both the littles, they have 3 small drawers of toys and thats it, seriously. If you're interested in diving more into the less toys way of life, there have been many researches done on it. However, learning it first hand has sealed the deal for me.

So where are we at today with this simple living? We have 4 kitchen plates, 5 mugs (a weakness for me, quality over quantity is what I have to tell myself) one drawer total for each of the kids clothes, a couple small drawers of toys... and everyone is happier.

This isn't a blog to condemn or say my way is better than yours. I simply want to share my experiences first hand and how a life with less has impacted us and given us so much freedom. I will be diving into this in more detail in the coming weeks. For those of you on the brink of wanting to throw everything away and feel like your house of stuff is closing in on you. Take a deep breath and start one room at a time. AND please don't throw it in the trash, take your things to a donation center! :)

I often felt like we had way too much and wanted to back a dump truck up the garage and empty the house. Little did I know, that would be our journey.... well, sort of.

Can anyone relate?

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