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KITCHEN TOUR (four people, four plates)

Why only four plates? Well, because there are only four of us. Im not saying this is for everyone and I certainly am not putting anyone down who has excess. Im simply putting legs and real situations to this way of thinking for people who are hoping to get there. Correction: we have four glass plates and four plastic plates (for the kids of course)

I've lived in a home and had lots of dishes, lots of tupperware, lots of silverware. I "collected" so many extra kitchen things (because thats my favorite place to spend my time) that we had a large wire shelving unit in our garage just for my kitchen ware. How often did I use those things? The answer: not enough.

I totally understand this doesn't apply to everyone and that some people entertain for a living. Someday I'm sure we will have a home again, with a full size kitchen, and I will need extra plates because we LOVE community- its the heartbeat of who we are. However, in those times I'll have to remind myself, paper plates do still exist. We put so much pressure on ourselves to have the prettiest, newest, nicest things. In reality, community is all you need and thats really the reason for having people over. Those pretty dishes and those pretty succulents are just a bonus.

Let me take you on a journey through my "kitchen". I'm even going to give you a look inside each of my cabinets so you can see exactly how much stuff I have, or don't. So here we go....

Yes, the door to the bathroom is the centerpiece for our kitchen space.... classy.

I have approximately four drawers and three cabinets filled with only kitchen things. Granted, I will be adding a little to the collection here and there. I love to cook so more spices and more kitchen "things" are inevitable, BUT, small space and small storage helps to regulate. Truth be told, you really don't need all those gadgets.

Below are all four kitchen drawers. Using the open shelves with glass jars full of oat flour, sugar, etc, helps not only with looks but is great storage for grains or other ingredients that are used often. Storing larger utensils on the counter helps as well, and they look pretty :)

Thankfully we have locks arriving tomorrow for the cabinets and drawers, its been a doozy trying to keep him out of them!

As you can see from the full kitchen view, we don't have any big appliances. We use a toaster oven when needed and hot plates which you will see below. I thought it would be much more difficult without those things, especially a dishwasher ( I love a dishwasher!) But in all reality, it hasn't at all. Not having a dishwasher makes it a lot easier to have minimal dishes and silverware, as they are being washed right after being used.

We have two sets of plastic containers for storage, leftovers, etc. Buying a small amount of durable storage containers is a much better option than plastic wrap or foil etc, this replaces the need to constantly buy those products. Trust me, I know how easy it is to collect those food storage containers over time. I found if you have one or two nice sets, it much less stress than trying to constantly find lids, AND that many containers are just not necessary :).... I've been there.

I've found a decluttered kitchen to be so freeing, especially because thats where I spend my time. Im not saying one day I won't have a bigger collection but this season has really taught me to improvise, and you know what, its not that bad and its not hard! Also, when you live in community or have a great tribe of people around you, borrowing is no big deal!

Thats all for now!....

I would love to here your thoughts or answer any questions you may have :)

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