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I thought since I'm new to you, I would give you a window into our families past 8 months of life. I believe it will help set the tone for this blog, with a window into our past year.

one for my new found love of simple living and "less is more" way of life.

It begins in North the past 8 months we have lived in 10 different places; all with 3 suitcases, 2 carseats, 3 backpacks to our name. We traveled 4,300 miles in a minivan with a team of 20 all over Norway, boarded 11 airplanes, and that brings us right back to the south. North Carolina is where we are currently residing until the beginning of October, when we will call Kona, Hawaii home for at least a year.

[the door on the top level was where we called home from January to March, C206 will forever be a special place for us]

[the next couple of pictures are just a few of the rooms we lived in while in Norway. All four of us shared a room throughtout our time in Norway]

Why you ask? all in the name of love. Our family are missionaries with a desire to bring love to the ends of the earth.

Depending on your age and if you have children or not, you are thinking one of two things. "Wow, that sounds amazing, I wish I could do something like that" (you can!) OR "that sounds horrible, I would never want to do that." Either way, whether easy or hard, fun or not, Jesus is worth it all. The lessons about life, people, and earthly treasures I have learned over the past 8 months are some things that people never get the chance to learn or experience first hand in a lifetime. I am extremely grateful for this adventure we are on, and I know we are just getting started.

In October w will be moving back to Kona, Hawaii and living once again in less than 600 square feet of space. Our family was so healthy and joyful these past months living with less than we ever have, in spaces smaller than we ever have. Stuff weighs us down, but thats a post for another time.

I am so excited to share with you what I've learned, learning, and have yet to learn.

Welcome to our Journey.

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